I got home from work the other day, exhausted from day 1 of Orientation at the new job, and was greeted by a steaming pile of Pigeon Peas that one of my roommates had prepared.

At first glace I thought they were lentils, same appearance and almost the same mouth feel. Pleasantly salty and with a taste that can be best described as a mix of English peas and lentils, I found myself motivated to find out more.

Doing some digging I found that Pigeon Peas are most common grown in arid regions such as South Asia, Australia, and the Dominican Republic. The peas are very high in Nitrogen making it an ideal crop for nitrogen fixation.

Pigeon peas are a variable meat market of nutrients, containing high levels of protein , amino acids methionine, lysine, and everyone’s favorite turkey component; tryptophan.

To go with the Pigeon peas he has thrown together some chicken with a tomato and cranberry sauce, simple and very delicious.

Treat pigeon peas as you would a lentil, cooking them in heavily salted boiling water.

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Normally I don’t like to use the quotations and descriptive vocabulary that is common place for Chefs like Thomas Keller, but bare with me because I don’t know quite what to call it yet.

I was at work the other day when someone made empanada filling and I’ve had a craving for them ever since. The issue with empanadas is the pouches take a lot of time to make and there’s a gross amount of oil required to fry them.

Not to be outdone I set off to the store with plans of cooking for my roommates today. It hit me as I was walking through that maybe I didn’t have to make actual empanadas to enjoy the flavors.

Instead I opted for a variation of a Scaloppini recipe I worked with at school.

I got to work this afternoon working with this spread of ingredients:

The Usual Suspects

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