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Work Work Work Sushi Work Work

I know last week I made promises of beautiful pictures of sushi…

well never call me a liar cause here they are!

Its been insane at work this week, and I have a wedding to fly out to later in the week but I WILL be posting the menu for this sushi as well as more pics soon!

until then, Drool away!



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A friend of mine took a wonderful picture of some old English oatmeal bread she made the other day and I asked her to send me the recipe. She told me its actualy an old Williams-Sonoma recipe, but yields beautiful looking bread so I thought Id share with you.

Photo by Elise English (No relation to bread)


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After tweeking and playing with the recipe some over the last week Ive settled on a finalized version to be shared. It should be pretty straight forward and easy to follow, any questions feel free to ask.

As with all Recipes I suggest reading through it fully first, to ensure you understand each section and direction.

Pork Medallions with “Empanada Deconstructed


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