Well, though it may have seemed like it, I have not fallen off the face of the planet.

My post school new job/move turned into a rather hectic situation rather quickly and left me without internet and time for a bit.

I have changed positions at the hotel and have managed somehow to obtain a promotion at my job. Im now sitting in the chair of the Food and Beverage Purchaser for the hotel. I’ve been interested in getting to learn more of the business side of the hotel since I arrived, and though I am still fondly head over heals in love with cooking, I am finding that I enjoy this position as well.

unfortunately in my absence from the internet I have missed some amazing and saddening events.

Chef Mike Pardus, of CIA fame, has taken some of the student body and more on a culinary tour of India!! … frankly I’m pissed I graduated when I did, I would have been all over this trip!

Michael Ruhlman’s father has passed away. My deepest heartfelt condolences to him and his family in their time of grief.

Trent Hendricks, owner/operator of Hendricks Farm in PA has returned to work after suffering a nasty health crisis. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery Trent.

I have apologize to to Cha Xiu Bao, seems I’ve had this wonderful website mis-spelled in my links section for who knows how long…. though Boa Dumplings do sound…. interesting.

Well, There is a lot I could report on, but at the moment I’m buried in a lot of paperwork from the new position. I will be posting another update soon.

Till then..

Happy Eating!


The Foodist


No, Not Dead….

Yet… but VERY busy at work.

Currently understaffed and picking up shifts left and right. But after the Memorial Day weekend things should go back to normal.

Planning a visit to Paradise Farms soon

and should have lots of good photos and info then.

But I wanted to point out this article about a couple who has been banned from Royal Caribbean cruises for life… for get this, Complaining too much.

Now while working in the hospitality industry you know that there are customers, often repeat customers even, who you can NEVER make happy. But is the company justified in banning them because theyve complained about service?

I wonder…. What do you think?

I know last week I made promises of beautiful pictures of sushi…

well never call me a liar cause here they are!

Its been insane at work this week, and I have a wedding to fly out to later in the week but I WILL be posting the menu for this sushi as well as more pics soon!

until then, Drool away!


Well my plan today was to knock out another Recipe Test, but no sooner did I finish running some errands and get ready to shop for it then I got the dreaded call…

“Its Chef, we had a call out, can you come in?”

Whats a cook to say? “No”, “Die in a fire!”, “Please Leave a Message After the Beep… *BEEEP*” would normaly be acceptable answers. Unfortantly not in my world of paychecks mean I eat and sleep with a roof over my head.

Tomorrow seems promising with an added bonus. A master Sushi chef is coming by to do some consulting on the new sushi bar and hes doing a demo… Its may day off but Im so there and with camera in tow!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a recipe test done as well as a nice set of photos from the demo!

All Work, No Play

I must apologize for the lack of posting this week, work has kept me rather busy as my schedule is jumping around a little bit. There has also been a visitor in the house which has kept me from cooking my recipe test this week, but later this week looks very promising.

On the way out the door today I saw someone getting ready to throw away a copy of the Winter ’08 issue of Flavor & The Menu, which I rescued. I was just poking through and found an article on Thomas Keller and the French Laundry, written by Steve Schimoler.

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A friend of mine took a wonderful picture of some old English oatmeal bread she made the other day and I asked her to send me the recipe. She told me its actualy an old Williams-Sonoma recipe, but yields beautiful looking bread so I thought Id share with you.

Photo by Elise English (No relation to bread)

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After tweeking and playing with the recipe some over the last week Ive settled on a finalized version to be shared. It should be pretty straight forward and easy to follow, any questions feel free to ask.

As with all Recipes I suggest reading through it fully first, to ensure you understand each section and direction.

Pork Medallions with “Empanada Deconstructed

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